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GigaDB contains 466 discoverable, trackable, and citable datasets that have been assigned DOIs and are available for public download and use.

Datasets and tools

New dataset added on 2018-05-17: 10.5524/100451 Supporting data for "ASaiM: a Galaxy-based framework to analyze microbiota data"
New dataset added on 2018-05-15: 10.5524/100442 Supporting data for "Massive NGS Data Analysis Reveals Hundreds Of Potential Novel Gene Fusions in Human Cell Lines"
New dataset added on 2018-05-15: 10.5524/100443 Supporting data for "The Long Noncoding RNA Landscape of Neuroendocrine Prostate Cancer and its Clinical Implications"
New dataset added on 2018-05-14: 10.5524/100429 Supporting data for "Evidence of Evolutionary History and Selective Sweeps in the Genome of Meishan Pig Reveals Its Genetic and Phenotypic Characteristics"
New dataset added on 2018-05-14: 10.5524/100455 Supporting data for "The Research Data Management Platform (RDMP)"
New dataset added on 2018-05-14: 10.5524/100447 Supporting data for "zUMIs - A fast and flexible pipeline to process RNA sequencing data with UMIs"
New dataset added on 2018-05-09: 10.5524/100448 Supporting data for "Benchmarking taxonomic assignments based on 16S rRNA gene profiling of the microbiota from commonly sampled environments"
New dataset added on 2018-05-08: 10.5524/100446 Supporting data for "Independent assessment and improvement of wheat genome sequence assemblies using Fosill jumping libraries."
New dataset added on 2018-05-04: 10.5524/100445 Supporting data for "De novo genome assembly of the red silk cotton tree (Bombax ceiba)".
New dataset added on 2018-05-03: 10.5524/100436 Supporting data for "Molecular modularity and asymmetry of the molluscan mantle revealed by a gene expression atlas"