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GigaDB contains 413 discoverable, trackable, and citable datasets that have been assigned DOIs and are available for public download and use.

Datasets and tools

New dataset added on 2018-01-08: 10.5524/100392 Supporting data for "Predicting plant biomass accumulation from image-derived parameters"
New dataset added on 2018-01-08: 10.5524/100400 Supporting data for “Quantitative super-resolution single molecule microscopy dataset of YFP-tagged growth factor receptors”
New dataset added on 2018-01-05: 10.5524/100381 Supporting data for "Giardia Secretome Highlights Secreted Tenascins as a Key Component of Pathogenesis"
New dataset added on 2017-12-31: 10.5524/100401 Supporting data for "Analysis of the Aedes albopictus C6/36 genome provides insight into cell line utility for viral propagation"
New dataset added on 2017-12-27: 10.5524/100339 Supporting data for "Construction of the third generation Zea mays haplotype map"
New dataset added on 2017-12-22: 10.5524/100397 Supporting data for "Finding Nemo: Hybrid assembly with Oxford Nanopore and Illumina reads greatly improves the Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) genome assembly"
New dataset added on 2017-12-20: 10.5524/100388 Supporting data for "Hybrid-denovo: A de novo OTU-picking pipeline integrating single-end and paired-end16S sequence tags"
New dataset added on 2017-12-20: 10.5524/100383 Supporting data for "Draft genome of the milu (Elaphurus davidianus)"
New dataset added on 2017-12-20: 10.5524/100380 Supporting data for "CNVcaller: High efficient and Widely Applicable Software for Detecting Copy Number Variations in large Populations"
New dataset added on 2017-12-20: 10.5524/100384 Supporting data for "Accurate Prediction of Personalized Olfactory Perception from Large-Scale Chemoinformatic Features"